Viacheslav Shelepov


"We are never alone. The power which moves the stars leads us as well" (Prabhat Radjan Sarkar). Music helps us to feel this power.

© Viacheslav Shelepov


1991 in Barnaul, Russland

aufgewachsen in


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Viacheslav is the prizewinner of competitions such as:
International Piano Competition "Hopes, talents, masters" (Bulgaria, 2007) the 2nd prize.
M. Yudina International Piano Competition - (St. Petersburg, 2009) the 1st prize. Stanley Hoogland Squarepiano Award – (Amsterdam, 2015) the 1 prize.
International Fortepiano Competition "Musica Antiqua" – (Brugge, 2016) the 2 prize and the prize of the audience. (no 1st prize awarded)
International Fortepiano Competition "Premio Ferrari" - (Rovereto, 2016) the 1 prize. Rome Fortepiano International Competition 2017 - "Muzio Clementi Prize", the 1st prize.